The Cricket Match – poem

23 Apr

This is a poem by me on a Twenty20 match in India:

Read this out loud

It wasnt a bright outlook for the home fans that day,
the Danger Guns were losing by a very long way,
the Cauldron Blues, as underdogs, didnt know what to say,
as they easily were outclassing them, but only playing OK.

There were only 7 overs left, and they had their last men in,
and they needed 100 runs in order to win.
Half of the stadium’s fans had left and no joy was seen in the ground,
apart from in the away section, where we heard all the sound.

So the last two men, Masif and Dale, had an extremely hard task
And everyone expected, to win was more than they could ask.
But after the first over, the pair had bagged 10 runs.
and there was now a glimmer of hope for the Danger Guns.

So the Danger Guns attacked, and seemed doing really well,
Espescially Dale was doing good and no wicket had yet fell.
So, when the third over had gone, they had gathered sixty runs,
an incredible feat for the batters; there was now chance for the Danger Guns.

And Masif and Dale kept up their pace with a sixer right away,
and the Cauldron Blues bowlers just couldnt keep the two at bay.
So, at the end of the fourth over, ten more runs had just been got,
and for just two small batters, it was a mighty lot.

Two more overs went quickly by and the fans were going mad,
for the two had got 17, which wasnt just a tad;
and as the last over started, and with 14 runs to win,
it seemed an impossible task – yet again!

So in the final over, two runs were immediately in,
and after just a ball, twelve runs remained to win!
But in the next three bowls, the batters could get none,
and the task ahead, seemed an impossible one.

So with two balls left, two sixes were the aim;
if the Danger Guns wanted to win the game.
So Dale stood at the bat with steel in his eye,
and hit the ball with power; it almost hit the sky!

The ball went out for a six and celebrations came,
but still the Guns needed, six from one to win the game.
So Dale stood at the bat again and looked fierce in his face,
but when the ball came, it came with so much pace!

Yet still Dale took it brilliantly, and it seemed destined for a six,
but still there was a fielder, Arph, who had to do a trick;
if he wanted to stop it, he had to be brave,
and so he jumped, all of his strength he gave………

And he caught the ball with triumph on his face,
and all Dale could do was smile and grimace.
And the Cauldron Blues went crazy and celebrated in delight;
and what a game it was, on that very crucial night.


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3 responses to “The Cricket Match – poem

  1. Tom

    April 24, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Nice poem mike and good ending.

  2. Tom

    April 24, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Sorry Josh, got the name wrong! Great poem.

  3. goireland

    April 28, 2010 at 7:18 am

    love it great poem josh


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