If only – poem by me

26 Apr

If only it was sunny,
and I had a nice ice cream;
if only I had enough money,
to buy a football team.

And if only I could see it –
an eagle in the sky;
and if only i could spot it –
the peacock butterfly.

If only I was a baby,
without a care in this big world;
If only I knew that maybe,
I could fly like a glorious bird.

And if only I had a puppy,
to take away all my fears;
or if I had a fluffy
little bird to wipe my tears.

If only I was contented,
with the life I have right now;
and if only I had been accepted
when I asked for help just now.

Yet I now realize my failure:
“If only” make you feel more worse;
and if I forget all my worries
as I enter my final verse……..

So I’m happy with all my comforts!
And I’m happy with all I’ve got!
So remember to focus on the things you have
and worrying – well do not!

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Posted by on April 26, 2010 in Life, Poems


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