The Man In Blue

17 Jul

Lady Cansella moved cautiously through the hall.  Lights glittered in radiance all ready for the party this afternoon.  Lady Cansella had to ask someone whether they would dance with her.  She was wary of knights moving around the hall, waiting for someone to ask the pleasure of dancing with them.  Lady Cansella looked around.  Ah, Sir Donald Brooks.  She moved over towards him,

“Will you be so kind as to dance with me?”she bowed at Sir Brooks.

“You, why would I want to dance with you?”Sir Brooks waved his hand at Lady Cansella.

This was what was happening all around the room.  The Lords and Ladies were supposed to be decorating the hall.  This job is for servants, thought Lady Cansella.  Then she thought,

“But when the King asks everyone to do something, everyone does something.  Everyone knows what happens if you don’t. . .”  Her thought were abruptly stopped by a sudden hush in the room.  A man, wearing a black flowing robe marched into the room.  Suddenly he roared,

“I don’t see any decorations here!”  He was treating the Lords and Ladies of the castle like slaves.

“I wonder what he does to the slaves. . .”thought Lady Cansella.

“Get on with it!”  bellowed the King!  King Henry VIII was having a ball held for the King of France, King Francis!

Suddenly the room turned into a flurry of Colourful robes.

“Ah, I know where the slaves are!”  Lady Cansella could smell a Pig being roasted.

“Hello. . . ” said someone menacingly.  King Henry VIII stood just next to her!  Then he whispered, “Listen here, shall we say you’re number one on a certain list I own.”  For a second, Lady Cansella thought he was asking her to dance with him later that afternoon!  But then she realised!  Lady Cansella hurried over to the wall and started pinning a poster of a castle on the wall.  She noticed the pins.

“Wow,” she thought, “Gold!”  Much to her relief, The King left the room and majestically strode into the kitchen.

That afternoon, a huge splendid coach approached the gates of Middlestone Castle.  Two, brown horses were attached with a golden harness to King Francis’ coach!  Red curtains encircled the middle part of the coach.  While a hard oak roof painted gold covered the coach.  Behind this soldiers were marching along as if in time to music.  They were armed with spears and a shield en-crested with the French flag.  If King Henry was planning an assassination it was more likely that he himself would get killed.  But he wouldn’t try one on the French King.  It would cause a worldwide disturbance.

The hall was glittering in the lights and a stand covered in special fabric had musicians perched there, feeling nervous!  King Henry had said that anyone who makes a mistake in ‘Greensleeves’, whether dancing or playing an instrument, will have their head chopped off!  The King of France had declined from dancing, saying that he was ill!  However, Lady Cansella had seen King Francis in his bedroom-so kindly presented to him by King Henry-talking to his friend Sir Bonoparte.  King Louis told Bonoparte that he wasn’t dancing because he didn’t know the dance moves for Greensleeves.  Lady Cansella stood next to Sir Ronald Archbank.  He had asked to dance with Lady Cansella.  She would have rather turned down this offer, but it didn’t look as if she would have any other offers!

Then suddenly, a loud voice descended on the crowd of men and women!

“Lords and Ladies!”it was King Henry standing on the balcony where the French King sat.  “The Dance will now begin!”  Everyone moved to their places.  King Henry added, “This, I composed for my beloved wife, and together we will lead the dance!”  He walked down the steps followed by Queen Anne Boleyn.  She was eager to keep in Henry’s good books at the moment, after what happened to his first wife. . .  Everyone now stood in rows next to their partner.  The music started, it was smooth and gentle.  The dance began.

When the dance finished King Henry glanced up at the balcony, there were French troops milling round there, watching in amusement at an English dance.  Then Lady Cansella noticed a man in blue with a bow and a quiver full of arrows standing at the doorway.  He was fitting an arrow to his bow.  Surely not!  He wouldn’t dare to kill King Henry.  Or would he?  Then suddenly a shout came from King Francis,

“King Henry, there is a man about to shoot you!  Guards get him!”  King Henry soon had a group of English soldiers blocking him from the man.  French soldiers rushed down from the balcony and chased after the man in blue.  But he had got clean away.  The troops ran through the doorway.

“Huh, there’s no hope of them catching that man!” thought Lady Cansella.

The great hall had turned into a mass of screaming Ladies, Lords trying to stop them screaming and finally king Henry giving orders to the commander of the army.

The commander walked thoughtfully away to his room high up in the posh rooms in the castle.  He opened the door and walked in, his room was furnished beautifully with ornate vases and shields hanging on the wall.  But now there was something different.  A man wearing a blue hooded top and blue trousers was seated in an oak chair.

“Good-day, I think it is time I talked to you! muttered The Blue Assassin.  “I remember you, I have been looking for you. . .I thought you wouldn’t enter Henry’s world of treachery.  Yes, I know it sounds rich coming from me.  But I thought you were an honest man.  We need scoundrels in this world and we need honest people, but to change between the two is insane.  I am treacherous, yes i know it to be true, but I assassinate people for money, I am poor, but you?  You’re rich, and powerful, why do you need to be a scoundrel?  But real treacherous people like you shouldn’t live!

“What?” yelled The Commander.

“So I will kill the treacherous!” rasped The Blue Assassin.  He whipped out a dagger and flung it wildly at The Commander.  It hit him in the chest.  He sunk to the ground and fell dead motionless on the red carpet.

“King Henry King Henry!” shouted a servant.  “The Commander has been murdered!”

“What?”  King Henry stumbled out of his compartment in the castle.  It was obvious he had been sleeping.

A guard walked round the corner on patrol.

“Come with me!” ordered Henry.  The guard immediately followed Henry.

They looked into The Commander’s room.  He lay in a unnatural position with a dagger pierced in his heart.  Then King Henry looked at the dagger.  The handle was painted blue.  A sign of the Blue Assassin.

“That fool!  I will kill him one day!” raged King Henry.

Just around the corner a man in blue listened to all King Henry said.

“It will be you who dies, I think, the treacherous must die!” thought the Blue Assassin.

It was the day of the departure of King Louis when a shout was heard from the kitchen.  One of the guards yelled,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Assassin, I’ll get him!”  Then another scream and a maid ran into the great hall,

“Murder!” she shrieked! Sir Bonoparte is dead!  A man in blue with a dagger and he killed a guard!”  At this King Henry ran through to the kitchen.

Lords and Ladies emerged from rooms to see what was happening.  But the hall was now empty, King Henry’s guards followed Henry into the kitchen.  King Francis had ordered his men to scour the area outside the castle.  It was all turmoil.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Sir Bonoparte lay on the ground and just out of the doorway a guard lay knocked out on the hard stone floor!

“Huh, guard, really dead!” muttered King Henry to Sir Brooks.  “But Bonoparte is dead!  I think we might need to post some more guards in the castle.”  Then suddenly on the floor next to a stone table, lay a note!  It was probably intended to reach the fire.  It had probably missed because the Assassin was in a hurry.  Something was written in an official looking handwriting, it read,

Dear ‘The Blue Assassin’,

As you know, your’ aim of killing King Fracnis and King Henry had been severely hindered.  So, I hear from my ‘inside group’ who live and work as soldiers in the castle that you have had to kill Sir Bonoparte because he started to suspect some of the ‘inside group’ and also, your’ stupid method of killing the treacherous has resulted in the killing of King Henry’s right hand man.  You are taking it too far.  Just do the job and forget the treacherous, you are working for me.  Remember the deadline is in a week’s time.  They must be dead or my ‘inside group’ will see that you will, not to put it too finely, bite the dust.  Remember, the time and place for the meeting is seven sharp in the Castle gardens, and I will wait for you at the big oak tree.  The money will be there.  As will my sword, if you fail!


Sir Dusseldorf

P.S.  Liberty from Henry and Louis will see the treaty of Carconne scrapped.

“Ah ha,” thought King Henry.  “Now, I’ll be on my guard!  Guards, I want four men near me at all times and the lookouts must be doubled,  see that it happens, Sir Brooks!”

“Yes Sir!” was the prompt reply from Sir Brooks.  He began giving orders.

“But what if the Assassin was already in the castle?!”thought Lady Cansella.

The Sun rose high above Moorton Hill.  A deep green forest lay below and Middlestone Castle beyond that.  Inside the forest, Spikey as Sir Dusseldorf called him was wandering around aimlessly wondering if The Blue Assassin would actually turn up.  Spikey was one of the elite German footmen and together with Sir Dusseldorf, they had hatched a marvellous scheme to stop the treaty of Carconne being signed.  King Heidrich of Germany didn’t want this to happen as it would mean the English and the French would join sides and probably stop the Germans running riot over Europe.  With Poland now controlled by Germany, it was looking as if they would be able to take France and England under their control by picking them off one by one.

It was six in the morning and it was just an hour until The Blue Assassin should come with news of the death of King Henry of England and King Francis of France.

Meanwhile, in the castle, a man in blue was stealthily creeping through the dimly lit corridors of Middlestone Castle.  No-one was awake yet apart from the guards who were drearily “patrolling” the castle.

“Ah, a guard is coming, well no time to hide!” thought the assassin.  He flung a dagger at the man.

“Dead!”thought the assassin.  It was a good thing King Francis had stayed the night which meant there was time for him to be killed.  He had stayed because by the time the “disturbance” had finished it was too late too travel to France in one day.

The assassin was now outside King Francis’ room and a man stood outside, dressed in the French’ infantry’s uniform.  When he saw the man in blue he shouted,

“The assassin!”but by that time a dagger had killed him and the red floor turned blood red.  The assassin kicked the door open!  The French King was now sitting up in his ornate bed.  He yelled,

“Guards!”before the assassin ran to him and ran him through with a sword!  The King slumped back in his bed and breathed his final breath.  There was a window looking out onto the walls where two guards stood.  The assassin looked at the hill in the distance and then adjusted his gaze to the forest.  The he thought,

“If I jump down I can kick the two guards off the roof, then the people coming to see what the shouts were about, will think I am still inside the castle.  Then I will climb back up and get to King Henry and kill him.”

So he jumped through the window and kicked one of the guards off the roof.  The other guard was caught off his guard, so a quick stab with a dagger finished him off.  The above him he heard voices.

“Oh no, he’s dead!” then another voice, it sounded like Sir Brook’s voice,

“Go and tell king Henry!”

Then the first voice replied,

“But he’s hunting in the forest with Lord Cardwell of Essex!”

“I will ride out and tell him!”said the voice of Sir Brooks.  He heard hurried feet leaving the room.

“In the forest?”thought the assassin.  “I will go and get him for sure!”

The assassin looked around him. The guard he had stabbed had a bow and an arrow quiver lying next to him.  A coil of rope lay next to him as well.  The assassin quickly tied to rope to the ramparts and he hurled the other end of the rope to the ground.  He picked the bow and arrows up and slowly and carefully climbed down the rope to the ground!

Just then he saw Sir Brooks galloping in the direction of the forest!

The forest was about 200 metres away from the castle, so the assassin started running towards the forest.  He ran across a deep green meadow with grass as long as children, and he finally reached the forest.  He brushed aside some leaves and cautiously walked to the oak tree.  Then someone emerged from the green leaves.  It was Spikey, then he said,

“It seems you have failed your mission, dear ‘blue assassin’.  The chap they all call Sir Brooks was intercepted by an arrow.  He lies dead at the moment.  Now we have our faithful Lord Cardwell with King Henry.  He is about to lead Henry to us, and then we will kill him.”

“We certainly will, this plan is working so well!” it was Sir Dusseldorf.  Then the sound of hoof beats met their ears.

“Quick hide now!”ordered Sir Dussleldorf.  Then came voices,

“This, My Lord is a very interesting oak tree!” lied Lord Cardwell.

“Kill him Spikey!” whispered Düsseldorf.  The Blue Assassin saw Spikey fit an arrow to his bow.  Then suddenly, from the green foliage came a scream.  The assassin had killed Spikey and was now wrestling with Sir Düsseldorf.

“Who…… what on Earth?” shouted Henry.  Lord Cardwell, saw what was wrong and hit King Henry in the face, knocking him to the ground!

“What? spluttered Henry!  Then the assassin got slowly up and cursed, then he said,

“Lord Cardwell, your associates are dead, and so will you be!”

“What is the meaning of this? I will have your head cut off Cardwell!”raged King Henry.

“Haha, threatening someone when you’re on the floor!”laughed Cardwell.  Then the assassin lunged at Cardwell with his sword and stabbed where it is fatal.  The sword demolished his lungs and he sunk to the ground dying!

“My Lord!”The Man In Blue said, “I am afraid I have killed King Francis, but now I am on your side.  I have killed men trying to kill you, and now if you will forgive me I will help you!”

The King said,

“What is your name?”

“My real name is Edward Arncastle.”replied the man in blue.

“Then Edward Arncastle, I knight you, and you will live in Middlestone Castle as my advisor!  Thank you for saving me!


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3 responses to “The Man In Blue

  1. hdlegg

    July 17, 2010 at 8:20 am

    You may have already read it because it’s been on my website but I just transferred it for people who don’t know my web address. As most of you know, I want to be an author, so I would be very happy if you commented with suggestions for improvements. Thanks everyone and I hope you are enjoying this website. I am planning to set up a poems website, specifically for poems. If you are interested in being part of it please email me at

  2. Mike

    May 10, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Just read the story :P. never read it before…… fail by me.

    Anyway, I didn’t really find it very good, far too unrealistic. OSB/TBR is a lot better.

  3. Harry :)

    November 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Looking back I agree,
    this is a terrible story lollllllll


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