(Poem) The Race

24 Mar

This is a totally random poem i thought up for the competition. It might be a fail but still…

The sun had dawned in Misendon
the fans were ready for the big day
Yes, a 3.00 start it was,
yet they were there before midday.

It was the day of the important race –
the race worth waiting for,
only three cars still were in it,
T4, Bombshell and Lor.

So as the countdown for the race started,
the fans in the crowd watched on
while the cars prepared for racing,
knowing none of them could lose this one…

The lights showed green., the cars raced off,
as fast as they had ever gone
and as T4 took the lead,
the pit crew celebrated like he’d won!!

But after an hour of racing, still,
the cars were neck-to-neck
and even though none had had a stop,
none were looking like a wreck.

In fact, they all looked fit as ever,
they looked like they could never stop,
but finally Lor lost his breath,
and was the first to go to the pit stop.

But when he arrived there, the pit crew found,
Lor had broken his side in a skid,
so sadly he had to pull out of the race,
leaving two to fight for the win…

So with six laps left, the two of them,
were facing a hard decision,
should they quickly have a rest,
or try their hardest of the line, to keep vision…

Bombshell went for the easy choice,
and had a quick stop in the pits
but T4 decided to go for it,
though he was longing for a quick spit.

So T4 was now way ahead of Bombshell
but was quickly losing his breath,
and as he entered the last lap,
he realized how much he wanted a rest…

But he remembered the need to win the race
and so his composure he kept,
‘But for how long?’, he wondered,
as he watched Bombshell get unlapped,

But T4 kept on going, until the final stretch,
where he lost the little energy he needed to complete,
So Bombshell overtook him, practically on the line,
and now I’m gonna leave the commentary seat…..


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Posted by on March 24, 2011 in Action, Sport



One response to “(Poem) The Race

  1. Harry :)

    November 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Somehow this won competition. . . …………………………… ????????????


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