The Jedi Revival

06 Jan

500 years on from Star Wars Episode 6

“Jank, go on, slash him low!” came the voice of the instructor Obi-wan-Ufrani.  Rel-is-janko was the most skilled Jedi in the whole of the Jedi temple, except today he was tired.  He had been fighting since two in the morning with his rival and hated enemy Rau-kin-kautox.  They were using practice swords instead of the standard Jedi lightsabre.  But they still were surging with electricity and packed quite a punch.  Janko had just turned beautifully in mid-air and was about to perform an,in reality, killing blow.  However Kautox was one step ahead and with a quick satisfying jab had stunned the surprised Janko.  He was about to viciously finish him off when Ufrani shrieked in alarm for him to stop.  Unfortunately, it was too late.  Janko was caught head on and went flying back with the electric charges pulsing through him.  For a moment the room was silent as other padawans turned and looked along with their masters.  Zuewwww.  Janko was back up, but this time with his real lightsabre drawn.  He charged towards his rival who hurriedly discarded his practice lightsabre and donned his double lightsabre menacingly.  Obi-wan shouted,

“No, stop!” but to no avail.  The lightsabres clashed, Janko, his anger spurring him to fight his hardest, despite the exhaustion he felt, cut, blocked and attacked every part of Kautox’s body.  Kautox defended well but he was no match for Janko.  Some of the surrounding Jedi tried to intervene but were called off by the sound of Ookini-kur-sunka saying,

“No, it’s too dangerous, we must let them fight!”

This is just something I wrote when I was bored, it isn’t meant to be brilliant.  But feedback would still be appreciated, however, I don’t know whether I’ll continue it.  Hope you enjoy it.

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