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The Final Journey

He was rudely awoken from his dreams by a loud banging; then seconds later he was pulled up from his mat on the cold floor.

“Come with us, “they ordered him.

He followed them through the twisting corridors of the prison, still not 100% awake. Only when he stepped outside, following his guards lead, into the bright sunlight did he remember with horror. It’s my final day alive and I’ve wasted the first few minutes. He planned to relive his life through his memories. He didn’t have much time; he was going to be shot in under an hour. He knew the route he would be taking by heart and therefore knew he had about 3 minutes of walking before he reached the transport he was catching to his death. He was determined not to waste another second, and started to remember.

His first memories were of himself of at secondary school; he had had memories of before then, but then he had forgotten, he hadn’t done anything in that part of his life. There wasn’t much in this part either. Most of the memories were bad, on his first day he had got on the wrong side of the school bullies. Then he had hit a teacher. He was invited to a party, but pushed the host down the stairs, breaking his leg and a few ribs. He was never invited anywhere again. His whole school life was full of misfortune. And the thing was, it wasn’t his fault. He had tripped, that’s why the host had fallen. On his first day he was just trying to make friends. He hadn’t known that the guy he hit was a teacher; he thought it was just a school kid trying to order him around. Looking back on his life he reflected that all he did went wrong. He wished he had known that back then, if he had he might have never tried to do anything.

At 16 he had failed his GCSE’s and had to rewrite them the next year, but he never did. He had been expelled halfway through the year. This was because he had tried to help someone. In fact his only friend at school was in trouble with some of the bullies, he recalled. So he went and threatened them. Somehow the threat had turned into a fight, and he had broken a rib and an arm. He was expelled for that.

Just as he was turning his thoughts to the next part of his life, he was jolted back to reality; by the guards telling him to hurry up and get in the vehicle. So he was at the transport; he had hoped to have done some more remembering by now but it didn’t matter; he had only had a short life; so he still had time to go through it. The vehicle took 8 minutes to travel the 2 miles to the place where he would be shot.

The next stage of his life was where he went off the rails. He remembered that he had no idea what to do with his life after being expelled. He had fallen in with the wrong crowd and become involved with drugs. He himself never took them, but he did become a carrier; that was his only job he ever had he realised sadly. He wasn’t very good at it, and was nearly caught many times. Often he had to dispose of the drugs he was carrying, which meant his boss wasn’t pleased. So he lost his only job, soon after getting it. Yet again with the advantage of hindsight, he actually wished he had been caught. Then he wouldn’t have been here. He lived the next few months on the street, going to a shelter for homeless people. That was where he had met Jennifer, but no he couldn’t think about her now, it was too painful. All he allowed himself to remember was that she was the only person to be kind to him.

Again he was interrupted by people talking to him. He couldn’t focus on what they were saying, but he knew he had to walk a short way, then stand up against the wall and his life would be over.

Now it was time for the final stage of his life to be recalled. He could remember the day vividly. It was raining hard and had been for the whole day. He recalled that he had thought that the weather was like his own life, sad. Because of the rain, he had gone off to the shelter early, but on the way he had heard a gunshot and a single scream. Then he saw people rushing out of a house and disappearing down another road, soon vanishing in the rain. He decided to try and see if he could help, so he went up the stairs and walked in through the open door. He saw a body lying on its side, with a knife sticking out; in the failing light he could still see the blood flowing slowly out of the wound. He knew he had to do something, but what.

As he looked around he saw something that gave him hope, a bottle he recognised from the first aid classes he had done at school. He recalled what it was, painkiller, in a liquid form, but that was all he could remember. He rolled the body over and gave her the whole bottle. As soon as he saw the face he knew who it was, Jennifer. He was so shocked he did nothing but just sit and stare, but then he was jolted back by a flash of lightning. He thought he had better remove the knife, so he did. As he put the knife down on the floor, he heard her moving, brought round by the painkillers. He turned back to her, and saw the flash of recognition as she saw him. She whispered “thank you,” and then there was silence, till the next flash of lighting. Then she asked “what did you give me, I feel great?”

He just picked up the bottle and showed it to her, as she saw it, he was horrified to see her face turn white, she turned to him and said”don’t blame yourself, you didn’t know.” He held her in his arms, 5 minutes later she died, he started to cry and then his memory went. All he could recall was, police coming in, spending the night in a cell, a lawyer talking to him, but the overriding feeling was shock confusion and despair.

At court they could find no evidence of the other people, and the knife had his finger prints. He was still too shocked to defend himself, and was sentenced to death, at the time his only thought was “my only attempted good act and I end up killing someone.” Later on when he was more himself he recalled hearing the words “died of a fatal overdose.”

He could feel the cold wall against his back and knew he had seconds left to live. So he created an image of Jennifer in his head and thought to himself, “I’m sorry, Jennifer, so…

The End


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My Story

As soon as the door opened, a familiar face appeared, “Chloe!” I called out, as I gave her a hug.

“Rachel, so good to see you, “Chloe replied, “I haven’t seen you in ages”

“I guess the last time we met was at James’s wedding. That was ages ago.”

“Yes, I think they have just celebrated their 3rd anniversary; did you know that they have just had their first child?”

“No, I hadn’t heard. Actually I’ve been out of England for the past two years; anyway I didn’t know that you also went to Marsh Academy.”

“Yes, I defiantly went there; I can’t have imagined 5 years of my life being that bad, “Chloe said with a laugh.

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” I asked,” I loved my time there.”

“Yes you would have”, she replied, “in my first year, which was your last, you looked like you were loving it. Especially as you were the head of your group. I was jealous of you until I saw you science results. “

“Oh, were you the Chloe who won the physics prize; the first and probably the last time a 1st year won it?”

“Yes, that was me; I actually won 8 more, but never had the same social standing as you; no don’t worry, I’m not jealous or envious, “Chloe said just as I was going to interrupt.” I love science and my love of it makes up for my lack of friends.”

That was just like Chloe; she always appeared to put science ahead of anything. In fact I once thought that she did actually do that, but then when she met Josh, I realised I was wrong. I’m not even sure how she was lucky enough to get Josh, but that another story.

I think that before I continue my conversation with Chloe, I had better explain some things. First my name is Rachel Gary; I’m married to Daniel Gary (it is he who has the misfortune to be named Gary, I only married into it). This is the story of what has become known as the 2222 Event (named after the year it happened) from my point of view. It happened many years ago, and I think that it is finally time the truth was told. I’m sure most of you know the story and a few details, but what I’m writing here is the truth and nothing else. I didn’t want to be a part of it, and I still wish I hadn’t been, but I was. Anyway the story starts with me going to the Marsh Academy reunion. I met Chloe again; for the first time in 3 years; unfortunately it wasn’t going to be a long reunion. So to get back to the story.

“Science, I never did get it” I said, “so what ground breaking problem are you working on now?”

“Currently anti-grav is my problem, I can’t seem to find away round the problems raised by Heppeldoff’s equation, but I’m sure you don’t want to talk about that, “ Chloe said with a laugh, “Lets go outside, it’s to full and hot in here.”

“Yes it is rather, I’m surprised so many people came.”

“K, you go out and I’ll meet you after I’ve forced my way to the bar, you want anything?”

“No, but thank you anyway. Good luck with getting there through all these people.”

She left to try and get a drink and I went outside into the garden. I hadn’t been outside 1 minute when with a huge bang the house I had just left exploded.



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The Door

Authors note
This story is in the form of letters, written by James, to Lord Tom. After much searching, I think I have found almost all of the letters, apart from one-three from the start, and maybe a few others. I never managed to find the letters Lord Tom sent to James. So to explain what i have guessed was said in the missing letters from the start. The main man, James, is a journalist, who lost his job, so is trying to find a big scoop to get back into the industry, he heard rumours about a mysterious house, but could find more information, so he went there himself, along with his dog.
So here is the first letter:
Date 25 March 2006

Dear Lord Tom
As you know from my previous letters, I was staying in the “deserted” house, trying to find out its secrets. Yet again i say I’m sorry for leaving you hanging with me outside the mysterious door, but as i have explained before, my paper supply ran out. But before I continue with my story, you asked for more information about the house itself.
The house is large and imposing, but neglected and worn down. I have only managed to explore a small amount of the inside of the house, and that was down to luck, because I only have access to the servants area, and the right-wing. I can’t even find the door that would lead me to the rest of the house. The house is of unusual design, all the ground floor windows are barred and 8ft off the ground, also most of them are very small. I guess the windows were bigger to start with, because the small windows look like they are much newer than the house. That is only one of the weird things about the house, another is there are only two doors. The main or front door, which is a huge wooden affair, it is locked, and i don’t have the tools to break through it. The other door is how I gained access, totally by luck. It is the servants door, it is tiny and hidden away, it is the only way I can get into the house.
All the rooms i have been in are the same, large dusty and dismal, it is clear I am the first person to enter them in ages, but i suspect the rooms I can’t get into are different. I have managed to see into two of them, because there is a small mound out the back of the house, and using my binoculars, I can see into the second floor rooms. I can’t be sure, but the furniture inside looks more modern, they don’t even look dusty, and there is no noise, none what so ever. But they can’t be, the front door hasn’t been used in centuries, also the servants door. It’s a mystery I’m determined to solve. So now back to my story
I was standing next to the door, both me and Spider were very tense and afraid. I wanted to go back to bed, but I knew if I went back I would never fall asleep. Spider didn’t want to go near the door, so it was just up to me. So I tried the door again and again, but it still wouldn’t budge. I turned to go back to my room and kicked the door in anger, as I did the noise got much louder, so I turned back and saw the door swinging open behind me. I could have kicked myself, all the other doors opened outwards, so I didn’t try to see if it would open inwards. I found out later, the door was kept closed by a small magnetic force, my kicking broke the force and the door swung open.
Without thinking I walked through, greatly excited as to what I would find, would my questions be answered? I stepped into a small dark area, and walked straight into a wall, then heard the door shut behind me, suddenly it was pitch black. I stumbled around till I felt a switch. I pushed it, and a row of electric lights came on, it was the first sign but I didn’t stop to think. I looked around and saw I wasn’t in a room after all, it was a narrow corridor, leading to the rest of the house, I guessed. But I couldn’t see far, about ten-fifteen ft down, there was an imposing steel door. To my horror it started to swing open, a hand with a gun shot out, and “bang” I passed out.
I woke up five days later, in the nearby village, the people from the house I was in had found me outside, and taken me in. I also had a letter saying “do not come back”. As you can guess, I was determined to find out more, so I will go back to the house tonight.

Hope you hear from me again. Brad


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