Skitee’s paints page.

Harry, do not delete this page. For all you others, these are all my paints so far:

  • Sunrise. A paint made from one of my best ever photos, but the paint was not so good. Skitee’s rating: Average. about 65/100
  • Hawaii Was meant to be a paint with a mixture of sky blue and lush green, but the combo didn’t work out very well. Not very good. Skitee’s rating: Poor. About 30-40/100
  • Waterfall. Basically, this was just a picture of a waterfall that I took which I put on a tank. It actually went surprisingly well, considering how none of the image was computer-generated whatsoever. But still not fantastic. Skitee’s rating: Not bad. About 70/100
  • Electra II. Was meant to be a rival to the proper electra…. but turned out very ugly. The freeze-hornet combo in the image spared a couple of blushes… but still pathetic. I have no idea how I used to like this. Skitee’s rating: Horrendous. About 10-20/100.
  • Pixie. Like Waterfall, just a real life picture (this time of violets) put straight onto a tank. And like Waterfall, it turned out better than expected. But still nothing up to any standard that I would work by, and,  whilst the railgun-viking combo is beautiful, the paint is not good. Skitee’s rating: Poor. About 40/100.
  • Ocean. This paint was taken from a mixture of shades of blue, which were actually taken from a swimming pool. It didn’t turn out well whatsoever. I hate this. Skitee’s rating: atrocious. About 20-30/100.
  • Hemoglobin. This paint was, as you probably can guess, inspired by the “Mary” paint that you might know I love so much. I searched “blood” on Google images and got this. It turned out as an average paint… but nothing compared to Mary, as I had hoped it would come close to. Skitee’s rating: Good. About 75-80/100.
  • Sledgehammer. You might know that I love pink. And I realized that other than the appalling “In Love”, there were no pink paints. So I tried to create one from an image of Google. It turned out incredibly good in my opinion, with this the result. Ricochet-hornet, however, was a stupid choice as it doesn’t give a full understanding of the power of this paint. Honestly, it looks a lot better on other tanks. Skitee’s rating: Fantastic. About 90-95/100.
  • Diamond. The first of a few paints suggested to me by Superkid33. This one was ok. At first I loved it, but gradually my taste waned until now I dislike it. Not good. Skitee’s rating: Poor. About 45/100
  • Obsidian. I seriously cannot believe how I used to like this. Maybe it was because from a young age the rock “Obsidian” (the real rocks) had captured my heart for some reason. I don’t know. What I do know is that now I dislike it. This was also suggested by Superkid33. Skitee’s rating: Bad. About 30/100
  • Flash. Flash was also suggested by SK33. It was an incredible paint, but too similar to White_Owl’s “Hurricane” to be published on the forum. Even then, I kept it for my own personal use and still like it. But I have absolutely no idea why, in the picture, I put twins-viking as the combination. It seems like I was trying to sabotage my paint or something, for twins-viking is the worst possible combination of the paint. Skitee’s rating: Very good. About 85-90/100
  • Gold. The last and the best of SK33’s suggestions that I published. This paint is just great. The whole way the yellows and golds and whites flow into each other… I like it. Skitee’s rating: Beautiful. About 87-92/100.
  • Carbonara. Probably the least sensible name that I have out of all my paints. It has nothing to do with pasta, this paint. This paint was found surfing someone’s albums, and I cropped the image and put it into my paint. I was pretty proud of the way that the paint interlocks so nicely. And it looks good as well. Skitee’s rating: Good. Very good. About 75-85/100.
  • Coffee. This paint was also found surfing someone else’s albums, and I cropped the image. At first I loved it, but gradually, I realized it was flawed. Skitee’s rating: Not exceptional. 65-70/100
  • Delirium. This one was found off Google images as well. I really like this, especially how the waves just drift over the tank, making it seem as if the tank is in a state of half-asleepness. The colours are nice as well. Skitee’s rating: Very, very, good. About 87-92/100
  • Gore. I have no idea where I got this paint from, though I expect it was Google. It wasn’t good, and very soon after I realized that it was pathetic. Too red for me: I hate the colour red. Skitee’s rating: Bad. About 30-40/100.
  • Timber. As you see, this was suggested by Delta_88, and at first glance I disliked the paint. But I came to loving it, and now I consider it to be one of my best. Very different to my normal style of paints, but still good. Skitee’s rating: Good. About 75-80/100.
  • Bliss. I can only go so long without pink, and soon I was searching Google images for the perfect pink and found this. Bliss is my new favorite, it being a pink version of delirium. I love how the pinks and purples fade into each other, and totally adore this paint. Awesome stuff. Skitee’s rating: AweXsome. About 95-99/100
  • Extraterrestrial. Another Google images paint. This one is very nice, but not fantastic. It, whilst being impressive, looks very fake and very Google-imaged, which I dislike. The greens are good, but otherwise… not pro. Skitee’s rating: Pretty nice. About 70-75/100.

More to come, and captions will be updated. The later ones are, on the whole, the better ones.


7 responses to “Skitee’s paints page.

  1. Marshal-Arwid

    July 26, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    How about an armour that would be tree brown on the bottom,but tree green on the top,with mud stains on it,providing good camolauge

    • Mike

      July 27, 2011 at 9:23 am

      Hmm… I’ll see what I can do. No promises, mind, as a paint with a certain colour on top and another round the bottom is extremely difficult.

  2. Harry :)

    August 3, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Heh heh, extraterrestrial is good as is gore.

  3. Harry :)

    November 19, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    hey mike, i’m liking bliss, it’s good and yes, blissful

  4. Ilya

    January 21, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I like the paint Extraterrestrial looks like the second Emerald

  5. Harry :)

    November 4, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    mike, out of interest,how do u do these paints???????


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